, Volume 362, Issue 3, pp 219-222

Oxygen uptake of rats at different work intensities

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An adaptation of a standard activity wheel has been used to determine oxygen uptake of rats prior to and during exercise at 7 different speeds (16–67 m/min). Pre-exercise oxygen uptake was 2.42±0.10 (S.E.) ml (100 g×min)−1 Oxygen uptake increased linearly with work intensity (running speed). At 16 m/min oxygen uptake was 6.44±0.16 ml (100 g×min)−1 and it increased to a maximal value of 9.51±0.14 ml (100 g×min)−1 at a running speed of 53.6 m/min. Increasing running speed to 67 m/min did not produce any further increas in oxygen uptake. Some comparisons of exercise intensity between rats of various studies and rats and man can be made from these data.