, Volume 369, Issue 1, pp 79-84

Effect of splanchnicotomy on the renal excretion ofd-glucose in the anaesthetized dog

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The effects of acute intravenousd-glucose (G) loading were studied on anaesthetized, unilaterally splanchnicotomized (“renal denervation”) dogs. Glomerular filtration rate (GFR) was generally not different on the innervated and denervated side, while urine flow (V), sodium excretion (UNaV) and urinary excretion (UGV) of glucose on the splanchnicotomized side were significantly increased at any plasma G concentration. Tubular reabsorption (TG) as well as Tm of G in denervated kidneys was considerably depressed. In a series of experiments with moderately elevated plasma glucose level glucosuria on the sympathectomized side was found that seems to be the consequence of a lower threshold for G in denervated kidneys. The positive correlation between the tubular reabsorption of Na and G was not influenced by renal denervation.