, Volume 15, Issue 1, pp 43-55

The Social Behaviour Assessment Schedule (SBAS): Rationale, contents, scoring and reliability of a new interview schedule

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A critical review of interview schedules currently available for the assessment of the psychiatric patient's social functioning and its impact on significant others demonstrates a number of problems in the conceptualization of role behaviour and burden on the household. The Social Behaviour Assessment Schedule (SBAS) has been designed to meet the need for a more theoretically adequate research instrument which will be of practical use in the evaluation of different treatment regimes. The SBAS takes the form of a standardized, semi-structured interview with the patient's most closely involved relative or friend. The overall structure of the schedule is described, and detailed consideration given to the contents, scoring and inter-rater reliability of the scales in the three core sections. These sections measure the patient's disturbed behaviour, the patient's social performance, and the adverse effects on the household.

This schedule was developed during the course of a research investigation which was supported by a grant from the Department of Health and Social Security. We would like to thank Mr. J. W. Borland for writing the computer programme to calculate the values of weighted kappa, and Dr. K. D. Macrae for general statistical advice.