, Volume 10, Issue 1, pp 17-50

High-resolution radar maps of the lunar surface at 3.8-cm wavelength

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The entire earth-facing lunar surface has been mapped at a resolution of 2 km using the 3.8-cm radar of Haystack Observatory. The observations yield the distribution of relative radar backscattering efficiency with an accuracy of about 10% for both the polarized (primarily quasispecular or coherent) and depolarized (diffuse or incoherent) scattered components. The results show a variety of discrete radar features, many of which are correlated with craters or other features of optical photographs. Particular interest, however, attaches to those features with substantially different radio and optical contrasts. An anomaly near 63° is noted in the mean angular scattering law obtained from a summary of the radar data.

Now at Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, M.I.T.