, Volume 33, Issue 9-10, pp 501-504

Nature of the real structure of graphite-like BN and its transformation into a wurtsite modification under impact compression

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The dependence of the interlayer distance d on the degree of unidimensional disorder γ in graphite-like BN was determined. It was established that d=0.33273±0.00005 nm at 20°C in the perfectly ordered structure (γ=0); the value of d increases uniformly with increase of γ, and at γ=1 it equals 0.343±0.001 nm. It was also established that the yield of wurtsite phase produced by impact compression of the graphite-like modification sharply decreases with increase of γ, and for γ>0.2 it becomes equal to zero. This result is explained in terms of the nature of martensitic transformations in layered structures.

Institute of Materials Science Problems, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Kiev. Translated from Poroshkovaya Metallurgiya, Nos. 9/10, pp. 62–66, September–October, 1994.