Journal of Materials Science

, Volume 9, Issue 9, pp 1536–1544

Thermoplasticity, pseudoelasticity and the memory effects associated with martensitic transformations

Part 2 The macroscopic mechanical behaviour


  • R. V. Krishnan
    • Departement MetaalkundeKatholieke Universiteit Leuven
  • L. Delaey
    • Departement MetaalkundeKatholieke Universiteit Leuven
  • H. Tas
    • Departement MetaalkundeKatholieke Universiteit Leuven
  • H. Warlimont
    • Max-Planck-Institut für Metallforschung

DOI: 10.1007/BF00552940

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Krishnan, R.V., Delaey, L., Tas, H. et al. J Mater Sci (1974) 9: 1536. doi:10.1007/BF00552940


The macroscopic mechanical behaviour (stress-strain-temperature relations in tension, compression and internal friction) associated with pseudoelasticity and the memory effects is extensively reviewed. The particular features of the tension and compression curves (the stress to induce or reorient the martensite, total elongation, reversibility and hysteresis) are analysed and their dependence on temperature and crystal orientation is discussed.

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