Journal of Materials Science

, Volume 24, Issue 12, pp 4246–4252

The microstructure of extruded Fe-Al


  • P. R. Munroe
    • Thayer School of EngineeringDartmouth College
  • I. Baker
    • Thayer School of EngineeringDartmouth College

DOI: 10.1007/BF00544494

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Munroe, P.R. & Baker, I. J Mater Sci (1989) 24: 4246. doi:10.1007/BF00544494


Five FeAl alloys, whose compositions span the range 34 to 51 at. % Al, were extruded at 1273 K, re-extruded at 1023 K and their deformation structures examined by transmission electron microscopy. The incidence of <1 1 1> slip, compared with <001> slip, was found to increase as Fe-Al became more iron-rich, confirming previous results, in a similar study: some of the <1 1 1> dislocations were found to be present in the form of dipoles. In the most aluminium-rich alloy square <0 0 1> prismatic dislocation loops, planar defects and FeAl2 particles were observed.

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