, Volume 14, Issue 5, pp 437-443

Genetic analysis and the construction of master strains for assignment of genes to six linkage groups in Aspergillus niger

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A start has been made on establishing a collection of Aspergillus niger colour and auxotrophic mutants with an isogenic background for use as a source of genetic markers. All strains have short conidiophores (cspAl ), which makes them easy to handle on test plates. Genetic markers were combined stepwise by somatic recombination. Somatic diploids were obtained at frequencies of 10−6-10−5 with conidiospores collected from a heterokaryon. The haploidization of heterozygous diploids was induced by benomyl. For unlinked markers, the frequency of recombinants varied from 35%–65%. Low frequencies of recombinants were found between markers on a same chromosome, but this was sometimes disturbed by mitotic crossing-over during an early stage of the diploid. Master strains were constructed having markers for six linkage groups.