, Volume 282, Issue 1, pp 42-46

Ultraviolet radiation suppresses mouse-ear edema induced by topical application of arachidonic acid

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The effect of ultraviolet (UV) radiation on arachidonic acid (AA) cascade was examined using an in vivo model. Mouse ear lobes were painted with 1 mg AA, and the maximum response of ear swelling was measured 1 h after challenge. Arachidonic-acid-induced ear swelling was significantly suppressed by preexposure to topical psoralen plus noninflammatory doses of long-wave UV radiation (PUVA) or middle-wave UV (UVB) radiation. Ultraviolet radiation may interfere with AA pathways to suppress ear swelling since AA-induced ear swelling is considered to be mediated by metabolites derived from exogenous AA. The results may relate to the therapeutic mechanisms of UV radiation in psoriasis in which the eicosanoid cascade is involved.