, Volume 15, Issue 1, pp 17-24

An immunoturbidimetric assay for canine C-reactive protein

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Antiserum was raised in sheep against canine C-reactive protein (CRP) and antibody, which was not specific for CRP, was removed by absorption with normal canine serum protein linked to agarose beads. The antiserum was used to develop an immunoturbidimetric assay for canine CRP on a MIRA (Roche Diagnostics) automated clinical biochemical analyser and assessed for routine analysis of CRP in canine serum samples. The assay gave standard curves with each standard having a coefficient of variance (CV) between 4.8 and 11%, interassay CVs below 11% and intra-assay CVs of less than 5%. Parallel dilution curves were obtained with purified CRP diluted in buffer and with endogenous CRP in serum diluted with buffer or with a serum with a negligible CRP content. The immunoturbidimetric assay results correlated with the results obtained using an ELISA method, r=0.88. The immunoturbidimetric assay of canine CRP proved to be suitable for the routine analysis of canine CRP.