, Volume 21, Issue 11-12, pp 1057-1070

The tissue source and cellular control of the apparent size of androgen binding protein (Abp), a mouse salivary protein whose electrophoretic mobility is under the control of Sex-limited saliva pattern (Ssp)

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Expression of the dominant allele, Ssp Sat the Sex-limited saliva pattern locus in mice results in an alteration of the electrophoretic mobility of a mouse salivary protein from the F (fast) to the S (slow) type [Karn, R. C., et al. (1980). Genetics 94:s52; Karn, R. C., et al. (1982). Biochem. Genet. 20:493]. We now demonstrate that the protein affected binds androgen and has a basic heterodimeric structure with the subunits connected by disulfide bridging. It is produced in the submaxillary gland where the alteration takes place. The change in electrophoretic mobility from F to S appears to be primarily the result of an increase in the molecular weight of the larger subunit since the isoelectric point changes very little. We discuss the possible causes of the increase in molecular weight.

SRD was supported in part by PHS General Medical Training Grant T32 GM07468 and the Indiana University School of Medicine Research Program in Academic Medicine. RCK was supported by PHS Career Development Award 1 K04 AM00284.