Biochemical Genetics

, Volume 4, Issue 6, pp 707–718

Mitochondrial malate dehydrogenase and malic enzyme: Mendelian inherited electrophoretic variants in the mouse


  • Thomas B. Shows
    • Roswell Park Memorial Institute (New York State Department of Health)
  • Verne M. Chapman
    • Department of BiologyYale University
  • Frank H. Ruddle
    • Department of BiologyYale University

DOI: 10.1007/BF00486384

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Shows, T.B., Chapman, V.M. & Ruddle, F.H. Biochem Genet (1970) 4: 707. doi:10.1007/BF00486384


Malate dehydrogenase and malic enzyme each possess supernatant and mitochondrial molecular forms which are structurally and genetically independent. We describe electrophoretic variants of the mitochondrial enzymes of malate dehydrogenase and malic enzyme in mice. Progeny testing from genetic crosses indicated that the genes which code for mitochondrial malate dehydrogenase and malic enzyme were not inherited maternally but as independent unlinked nuclear autosomal genes. The locus for mitochondrial malic enzyme was located on linkage group I. Linkage analysis with a third mitochondrial enzyme marker, glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase, showed that the nuclear genes which code for the three mitochondrial enzymes were not closely linked to each other. This evidence suggests that clusters of nuclear genes coding for mitochondrial function are unlikely in mice.

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