, Volume 22, Issue 7-8, pp 657-667

Multiple gene action determining a mouse salivary protein phenotype: Identification of the structural gene for androgen binding protein (Abp)

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A novel variation in electrophoretic phenotype is described for a mouse salivary androgen binding protein (Abp). Crosses show that the variation is inherited in an autosomal codominant manner and protein characterization studies show that the variant Abp differs in isoelectric point from the common form of the protein. Those observations suggest that the variation involves the structural gene for the mouse salivary Abp. The genetic studies also show that the electrophoretic mobility of the variant Abp can be influenced by the sex-limited saliva pattern (Ssp) gene. The Ssp S allele alters the electrophoretic mobility of Abp in males at puberty or in females which have received exogenous testosterone [Karn, R. C., Dlouhy, S. R., Springer, K. R., Hjorth, J. P., and Nielsen, J. T. (1982). Biochem Genet. 20:493]. This study shows that Abp and Ssp are distinct genes which are not closely linked and that Ssp S is trans active in F1 (Abp a /Abp b , Ssp S /Ssp F ) males.

SRD was supported in part by PHS General Medical Training Grant T32 GMO7468 and the Indiana University School of Medicine Research Program in Academic Medicine. RCK was supported in part by PHS Career Development Award 1 KO4 AMOO284.