, Volume 16, Issue 5-6, pp 593-607

Biochemical genetics of Fundulus heteroclitus (L.). I. Temporal and spatial variation in gene frequencies of Ldh-B, Mdh-A, Gpi-B, and Pgm-A

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Natural populations of Fundulus heteroclitus show extensive spatial variation in gene frequencies at four unlinked polymorphic loci. Large clinal changes in gene frequencies were found for Ldh-B, Mdh-A, and Gpi-B, whereas the spatial variation for the Pgm-B locus was small. Since the geographical area over which these clines are found is characterized by a steep thermal gradient, the clines in gene frequency are correlated with a directional change in mean water temperature. Maximum gene diversity of these four loci was correlated with annual fluctuations in water temperature. Temporal stability of the allelic frequencies was established for a 2–4 year period.

This work was supported by NSF Grants GB37548 and DEB 76-19877 and by a grant from the National Geographic Society. A. R. P. is an NIH trainee supported by a training grant (No. HD00139) to the Department of Biology.
This is contribution No. 960 of the Department of Biology, Johns Hopkins University.