, Volume 114, Issue 1, pp 14-17

The intraosseous ganglion A clinical-pathological report on 42 cases

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In this study we report on the clinical, radiological and pathologic data of 42 intraosseous ganglia which had been verified histologically. Of the patients, 26 were male and 16 female. Their mean age was 41.8 years (range 20–71 years). Exclusively solitary ganglia were included in this study; mainly they were located within the lower extremity. In most cases (n = 12), the malleolus medialis was involved. In 40 patients, treatment consisted of curettage, in 39 cases in combination with autologous or homologous bone grafting. In 2 cases, a resection was performed. No local recurrence was observed. Etiology and pathogenesis are discussed.