Archives of Microbiology

, Volume 111, Issue 1, pp 21-23

Energetic aspects of anaerobic growth of Aerobacter aerogenes in complex medium

  • A. H. StouthamerAffiliated withBiological Laboratory, Free University
  • , Corry W. BettenhaussenAffiliated withBiological Laboratory, Free University

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Molar growth yields for anaerobic growth of Aerobacter aerogenes in complex medium were much higher than for growth in minimal medium. In batch cultures the molar growth yield for glucose varied from 44 to 50 and Y ATP from 17.1 to 18.8. For glucose-limited chemostat cultures a value of 17.5 g/mole was found for Y ATP max and a value of 2.3 mmoles ATP/g dry weight h for the maintenance coeficient. Growth dependent pH changes were used to control the addition of fresh medium, containing excess of glucose to a continuous culture. The specific growth rate and the population density were dependent on the pH difference between the inflowing medium and the culture. At a μ value of 1.44 h-1 the molar growth yield for glucose was about 70 and Y ATP about 28.5. An-equation is presented, which gives the relation between theoretical and experimental Y ATP max values.

Key words

Continuous culture Growth yield Maintenance energy Phauxostat Aerobacter aerogenes Anaerobic growth