Molecular Biology Reports

, Volume 12, Issue 4, pp 277-283

First online:

Sequence of a cDNA encoding human keratin No 10 selected according to structural homologies of keratins and their tissue-specific expression

  • Michel Y. DarmonAffiliated withSophia Antipolis, Centre International de Recherches Dermatologiques (CIRD)
  • , Alix SématAffiliated withSophia Antipolis, Centre International de Recherches Dermatologiques (CIRD)
  • , Michèle C. DarmonAffiliated withDépartement de Génétique Moléculaire, Laboratoire de Neurobiologie Cellulaire, CNRS
  • , Marc VasseurAffiliated withUER de Biochimie, Université de Paris 7

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We present here the nucleotide sequence of a 1700 bp-long cDNA encoding human epidermal keratin No. 10 (56.5 kDa). cDNA clones of the acidic keratin family were first isolated from a pBR322 human epidermal cDNA library by hybridization with a probe coding for keratin No. 14. Differential hybridization using total cDNA probes prepared from poly(A)+ RNA extracted either from epidermis (which contains keratin No. 10) and from squamous carcinoma or hepatoma cell lines (which do not express keratin No. 10) made possible the selection of clones potentially coding for keratin No. 10. The 1.7 kb sequence exhibits the characteristic features of an acidic keratin with a constant central rod domain and C-terminal variable structures. Moreover, the sequence shows extensive homologies with the cDNA of murine keratin No. 10.

Key words

keratins epidermis differentiation cDNA sequence