, Volume 60, Issue 2, pp 177-181

Influence of ciclazindol on monoamine uptake and CNS function in normal subjects

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The potential antidepressant drug ciclazindol inhibited dopamine uptake into human platelets without affecting 5-hydroxytryptamine uptake as compared with a control. It inhibited the tyramine pressor response less than desipramine after single 50-mg oral doses in 6 healthy volunteers under double-blind conditions. Compared with tandamine in a double-blind placebo-controlled study in nine healthy subjects, ciclazindol 50 mg orally caused no significant anticholinergic effects but reduced appetite according to an analysis of variance. Nonparametric analysis did not confirm the anorectic effect. Previous studies had shown that ciclazindol increased glucose uptake into isolated human skeletal muscle independently of insulin. Overall, ciclazindol resembles the antiobesity drug mazindol in molecular structure and pharmacological effects in man. Interactions with sympathomimetic amines and adrenergic neurone-blocking drugs cannot be excluded on the basis of these studies.