, Volume 74, Issue 1, pp 23-28

Self-stimulation and amphetamine: Tolerance to d and l isomers and cross tolerance to cocaine and methylphenidate

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The effects of the d and l isomers of amphetamine on self-stimulation responding were tested following acute and chronic administration. Tolerance and post-drug depression of responding occurred in tests with both isomers, indicating no role for p-hydroxynorephedrine (PHN) which is one of the metabolites of d-amphetamine. In the second experiment, d-amphetamine, methylphenidate and cocaine all produced quantitatively and qualitatively similar effects on self-stimulation responding following acute administration. Following chronic administration of d-amphetamine, animals showed tolerance to all three drugs, indicating cross-tolerance among them. These data are consistent with an hypothesis that tolerance and post-drug depression following chronic amphetamine treatment are the result of decreases in postsynaptic receptor sensitivity, which would lead to a decreased effectiveness of all three drugs, regardless of their pre-synaptic mechanisms.