, Volume 57, Issue 1, pp 109-114

Antidepressant activity and pharmacological interactions of ciclazindol

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Ciclazindol, a new tetracyclic compound, appears to be a potentially important antidepressant of the same order as amitriptyline, but with significantly fewer, subjective side effects. Although as a group the patients treated with ciclazidol lost weight, clinical improvement was observed to be significantly corelated with the weight gain in both groups. The peripheral adrenergic interactions were studied. In the dosage used (100 mg/day) ciclazindol was observed to be a peripheral NA-reuptake blocker with no significant effect on the postsynaptic α-receptors.

Plasma concentrations of the drug were estimated and their relationship to the therapeutic outcome, side effects, and adrenergic interaction were studied.

No significant change in resting BP or ECG was observed following 4–6 weeks' treatment with ciclazindol.