, Volume 26, Issue 2, pp 93-114

Addiction to secobarbital and chlordiazepoxide in the rhesus monkey by means of a self-infusion preference procedure

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Monkeys were exposed to a 24 h continuous experimental procedure which provided a periodic forced choice between the self-infusion of secobarbital versus saline. Preference for secobarbital over saline was readily obtained using choice trials programmed approximately every 2 h at a dose of 9 mg/kg of secobarbital per infusion. Preference for self-infusion of chlordiazepoxide over saline was obtained using choice trials every 3 h, and a dose on the order of 1 mg/kg per infusion. In a subsequent experiment, two of the animals addicted to chlordiazepoxide were given a choice every 3 h between an infusion of chlordiazepoxide or secobarbital. Following a period of intake of both drugs, a gradual shift in preference from chlordiazepoxide to secobarbital was observed over a period of some 60 days. In general, this preference procedure provides a flexible technique with several dependent measures for single or multiple drug addiction studies.

Supported in part by a contract from the Department of Justice, Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, J 69 15.