A comparison of three W170 protocols

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This study compared the W170 scores of 9 male subjects in kgm/kg×min resultant from the following protocols: 2×6 min workloads (3 min rest between each bout), 3×4 min workloads (1 1/2 min rest between each bout), and 4×3 min workloads (1 min rest between each bout). Each subject experienced 2 preliminary rides in order to overcome the problems of learning and habituation and the order of the 3 experimental treatments was randomly assigned to each subject. An analysis of variance repeated measures design revealed that there was no statistically significant difference between the 3 protocols at the 0.05 level.

The scores for the three W170 protocols correlated −0.084, 0.040, and −0.142 with \(\dot V\) O2 max in ml/kg×min. The correlation coefficient between actual \(\dot V\) O2 max in ml/kg×min and that predicted from the åstrand-Ryhming nomogram was 0.723.