, Volume 128, Issue 4, pp 394-397

Accumulation of pyrophosphate and other energy-rich phosphorus compounds under various conditions of yeast growth

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In the cells of hybrid yeast strain Saccharomyces N.C.Y.C. 644 SU3 (Karlsberg collection), a large amount of pyrophosphate (30–300 μmol/g of dry weight) accumulates whatever the aeration conditions and the content of glucose in the medium. The content of pyrophosphate is 10–1000 times higher than that of ATP. At the early and mid-exponential growth phases two maxima of pyrophosphate accumulation are observable. The periods of maximal pyrophosphate accumulation in yeast coincide with those of the minimal content of polymeric acid-soluble polyphosphates and intense budding. In the light of the data obtained, the question is discussed as to the relationship between the metabolism of pyrophosphates and acid-soluble polyphosphates in yeast.