, Volume 33, Issue 4, pp 253-256

Evidence for lactate production by human adipose tissue in vivo

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Microdialysis of the abdominal subcutaneous tissue was performed in seven healthy normal weight subjects after an overnight fast and also after oral ingestion of 100 g glucose. The lactate concentration in the interstitial water was compared with that in the venous and arterialized plasma from the cubital veins. In the postabsorptive state the lactate concentration in the subcutaneous tissue (1128±72 μmol/l, mean±SEM) was significantly higher (p<0.01) than that in both arterialized (722±72 μmol/l) and venous plasma (798±41 μmol/l). The oral glucose load further increased the lactate level in the subcutaneous tissue throughout the observation period of 2 h. The kinetics for the increase in the lactate concentration was not apparently different in blood or tissue. The highest lactate levels were 1798±173 umol/l in the subcutaneous tissue and 1199±150 μmol/l and 1275±123 μmol/l in arterialized and venous plasma, respectively. It is concluded that abdominal adipose tissue produces lactate both in the fasting state and after an oral glucose load. The data emphasize the importance of the adipose tissue as a significant source of lactate production in the body.