, Volume 40, Issue 4, pp 533-542

Ultrastructure of hyphae and ascospores in the genus Eremascus eidam

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Hyphae and ascospores of Eremascus fertilis and E. albus were studied in ultrathin sections. The lateral wall of the hyphae had a thick electron-light inner layer and a thin dark outer layer. The septa had a simple central pore with or without a plug, and there were Woronin bodies in the vicinity. The wall of the ascospores of E. fertilis showed a thick light inner layer and a thin dark outer layer. In the wall of the spores of E. albus a dark fibrillar layer was present between the light inner layer and the dark outer layer. The spores of this species germinated with a tube the wall of which was continuous with a newly formed layer inside the spore wall.

This investigation was supported by the Netherlands Organization for the Advancement of Pure Research (Z. W. O.)