Original Investigations Human Pharmacology


, Volume 20, Issue 4, pp 307-314

First online:

Rubidium chloride ingestion by volunteer subjects: Initial experience

  • Ronald R. FieveAffiliated withN.Y. State Psychiatric Institute
  • , Herbert L. MeltzerAffiliated withN.Y. State Psychiatric Institute
  • , Reginald M. TaylorAffiliated withN.Y. State Psychiatric Institute

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The authors report on the first metabolically controlled study of rubidium chloride administered to humans. Four subjects were given doses of 8.2–12.4 meq. RbCl in a single day, and biological half lives calculated from urinary excretion ranged from 21–55 days. A long term study of chronic rubidium loading in one of these subjects demonstrated no undesirable clinical side effects. After ingestion of a total dose of 268 meq. within a period of 75 days a plasma level of 0.16 meq./liter rubidium was obtained. Urinary excretion proceeded at a rate consistent with a 50 day half life.

The authors speculate on the potential usefulness of RbCl for modification of behavior and affect.


Rubidium Chloride Human Ingestion Metabolism Behavior Electrolyte