, Volume 114, Issue 6, pp 579-582

Aqueous extract of betel-nut of North-East India induces DNA-strand breaks and enhances rate of cell proliferation in vitro

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An aqueous extract of betel-nut has been found to be able to induce strand breaks in DNA of mouse kidney cells in vitro. It has been also found to be able to enhance the rate of cell division at a dose of 100 μg/ml while a higher dose of 250 μg/ml was extremely toxic to the cells. Compared with arecoline (10 μg/ml), the aqueous extract of betel-nut seems to be a more potent carcinogen to mouse kidney cells in vitro.

Financial support for this work has been received from D.O.E. under Himalayan Eco-Development Project, N.E.H.U. (Eco-Dev/85/6)