, Volume 79, Issue 3, pp 254-267

Isolation, properties, and structure of fraction I protein from Avena sativa L

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  1. A method is described for the extraction and purification of Fraction I protein from Avena sativa L. leaves.

  2. The protein possesses ribulose diphosphate carboxylase activity. Chromatography on gels of Sephadex G-200 separates phosphoribulokinase and ribose phosphate isomerase from the carboxylase.

  3. The S°20w was calculated to be 18.2, the Stokes radius (determined by gel filtration on a cabibrated column) 74 Å, the molecular weight 5.7×105, and the frictional ratio 1.35.

  4. An amino acid analysis is presented.

  5. Electron microscope observations of negatively-stained Avena Fraction I protein molecules are compatible with the suggestion that they consist of 24 protomers disposed on the surface of an octahedral shell with 4:3:2 symmetry, and of diameter approximately 105 Å.