, Volume 77, Issue 1, pp 85-92

Effects of particle concentration on clearance rate and feeding current velocity in the marine bryozoan Flustrellidra hispida

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Colonies of the marine bryozoan Flustrellidra hispida (Fabricius) were collected intertidally from Port St Mary, Isle of Man (UK) during the autumn and winter 1981/1982. Suspension feeding in F. hispida was examined in some detail, using as food the alge Tetraselmis suecica. Previous studies had not examined variation in the speed of suspended food particles travelling through the lophophore. It is clear that feeding rate, as measured by particle velocity, varies over periods of time, even when all external factors are kept constant. Moreover, particle speed within the lophophore can be shown to be positively correlated with the concentration of suspended food particles in the surrounding environment. It is also apparent that feeding current velocity varies at different positions within the lophophore. In addition observations are made on the involvement of the tentacles in particle capture.

Communicated by J. Mauchline, Oban