, Volume 113, Issue 1, pp 51-55

Inhibition of liver metastasis in mice by blocking hepatocyte lectins with arabinogalactan infusions and d-galactose

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According to our hypothesis, organ-specific lectins (e.g., the d-galactose-specific hepatic binding protein) play an important role in the organ location of metastatic malignant cells. The rapid clearance and uptake by the liver of tritiated α-acid-(asialo)glycoprotein from the circulation of Balb/c mice was markedly delayed after preinjection of d-galactose or arabinogalactan. The preinjection (1h) and regular application (for 3 days after tumor cell inoculation in Balb/c mice) of the receptor blocking agents d-galactose and arabinogalactan prevented the settling of sarcoma L-1 tumor in the liver completely, but did not influence the settling in the lung. Other galactans, dextrans, and phosphate-buffered saline showed no effect. Therefore, when lectins were blocked with competitive-specific glycoconjugates, colonization was prevented.