, Volume 125, Issue 3, pp 201-211

The control of glutamine synthetase level in Lemna minor L.

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The specific activity of glutamine synthetase (E.C. of Lemna minor L. is markedly reduced when either ammonium ions or glutamine are present in the growth medium. Combinations of 5 mM ammonia and 5 mM glutamic acid or 5 mM ammonia and 5 mM glutamine as nitrogen source, lead to a 4–5 fold reduction of the maximum activity measurable on 5 mM γ-aminobutyric acid. Analyses of the soluble pool of nitrogen indicate that the reduction in enzyme level is associated with an increase in the pool of glutamine. There is an inverse correlation between the apparent rate of synthesis of glutamine synthetase and the intracellular concentration of glutamine, and this relationship suggests that the glutamine synthetase of Lemna minor is subject to end product repression by the endogenous pool of glutamine.