, Volume 10, Issue 3, pp 211-219

Increasing applied business ethics courses in business school curricula

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Business schools have a responsibility to incorporate applied business ethics courses as part of their undergraduate and MBA curriculum. The purpose of this article is to take a background and historical look at reasons for the new emphasis on ethical coursework in business schools. The article suggests a prescription for undergraduate and graduate education in applied business ethics and explores in detail the need to increase applied business ethics courses in business schools to enhance the ethical development of students.

Ronald R. Sims is Associate Professor in the School of Business Administration, The College of William and Mary. He teaches Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management and Leadership and Planned Change. His research and writings reflects a diversity of interests, one of which focuses on the responsibility of Business Schools to increase applied business ethics in their curricula.
Serbrenia J. Sims received an Ed.D in higher education. Her research and writings focus on student and program assessment and ethics and policy development in higher education and government.