, Volume 60, Issue 2, pp 209-217

Blaubleibender covellite and its relationship to normal covellite

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Both natural and synthetic samples of blaubleibender (blue-remaining) covellite have been studied by reflected light microscopy, electron probe microanalysis and electron microscopy and diffraction. The natural sample of composition Cu1.20S has a √19a × √19a superstructure based on the hexagonal coveilite subcell (side a). The synthetic sample of composition Cu1.10S has a 2√7 a × 2 √7a superstructure. In both cases the phases are homogeneous. The evidence suggests that the recognition of two distinct types of blaubleibender covellite may be an oversimplification, and that a series of metastable superstructures based on the covellite structure may exist.

Work done while on leave at the Department of Mineralogy and Petrology, Cambridge