, Volume 5, Issue 8, pp 490-496

Cloning and characterization of human phosphatase inhibitor-2 (IPP-2) sequences

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cDNA clones similar to rabbit muscle phosphatase inhibitor-2 (IPP-2) were isolated from human libraries. On Northern blots two transcripts of ∼2kbp and ∼4kbp were detected in all tissues tested. Analysis of cDNA sequences showed that the longer transcripts were similar to the shorter clones but contained extended 3′ ends. The human nucleotide sequence was highly homologous (94% identity) to the rabbit IPP-2 sequence and encoded a peptide of 205 amino acids. IPP-2 sequences were highly conserved throughout vertebrates. Southern hybridization results were consistent with the existence of a family of related IPP-2 sequences in the human genome. Most of these are likely to be pseudogenes, since all of the cDNA clones examined could have originated from a single gene. By in situ hybridization IPP-2 sequences were mapped to several different human chromosomes. We sequenced one gene located in the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) on Chromosome (Chr) 6 that contained the entire coding region of IPP-2.