Journal of Materials Science

, Volume 29, Issue 6, pp 1595-1600

First online:

Effect of grain boundary phase on the thermal conductivity of aluminium nitride ceramics

  • Ching -Fong ChenAffiliated withKeramont Corporation
  • , M. E. PerisseAffiliated withKeramont Corporation
  • , A. F. RamirezAffiliated withKeramont Corporation
  • , N. P. PadtureAffiliated withLehigh University
  • , H. M. ChanAffiliated withLehigh University

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AIN with high thermal conductivity was fabricated by pressureless sintering with Y2O3 as the sintering aid. The thermal conductivity was observed to increase with sintering time (up to 8 h) at 1810 °C. The distribution of the sintering aid was identified as one of the major factors influencing the thermal conductivity in AIN. Non-uniform distribution of the grain boundary phase was found to be associated with a significant amount of porosity, resulting in the enhancement of phonon scattering and thereby lowering the thermal conductivity.