, Volume 65, Issue 11, pp 578-585

Chemical structure and biological activities of lipid A's from various bacterial families

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The endotoxic principle of lipopolysaccharides (LPS) is localized in their lipid A component. Biological effects of LPS on, for instance, body temperature, blood pressure, and blood picture, are also induced by free lipid A. In contrast to the great variability of the 0-specific chains, the chemical structure of lipid A is much more constant. It is common for Salmonella and similar for other genera of the Enterobacteriaceae. Recently, a number of lipid A's have been recognized that exhibited distinct structural features compared with Enterobacteriaceae. These lipid A's were found to be also distinct with regard to some of their biological properties.

Dedicated to Professor Dr. Otto Westphal on the occasion of his 65th birthday (February 1, 1978)