, Volume 28, Issue 5, pp 328-333

The human V pre B gene is located on chromosome 22 near a cluster of \({\text{V}}_{\lambda _1 } \) gene segments

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The chromosomal location of the human V pre B gene was determined by Southern blotting analysis of restriction enzyme-digested DNAs from a panel of 17 mouse-human somatic cell hybrids. The pattern of hybridization of a VpreB-specific probe in conjunction with earlier analysis of several marker genes allowed the following conclusions: 1) V pre B is on human chromosome 22 within band 22q11.2 distal to the bcr-like gene, bcr-2 and proximal to the bcr-like gene, bcr-4. 2) VpreB has been localized relative to several constitutional and tumor-specific breakpoints within 22q 11.2, segregates in hybrids retaining 22qchromosomes with some but not with all members of the \({\text{V}}_{\lambda _1 } \) subgroup of the V λgenes, and is amplified with these genes in K562 cells. 3) The order of the loci on chromosome 22 is centromere→bcr-2, V preB, \({\text{V}}_{\lambda _1 } \to bcr - 4 \to C_\lambda \to bcr - 1 \to bcr - 3 \to sis\) .