, Volume 101, Issue 10, pp 618-624

A cDNA clone for a novel nuclear protein with DNA binding activity


In an effort to identify trans-acting factors regulating specific genes, we cloned a novel human gene, DBP-5. The cDNA clone contains a predicted open reading frame coding for a potential 1,179 amino acid protein. The mRNA corresponding to DBP-5 is ubiquitously distributed, and the gene is phylogenetically conserved. Immunofluorescence analyses with several cell lines indicate that the protein is localized to the nucleus. Sequence analysis revealed unusual features of the predicted protein structure, including four completely conserved repeats. The phylogenetic conservation of DBP-5, the ubiquity of its expression, its nuclear localization, and its ability to bind DNA sequences, raise the possibility that DBP-5 may play a role in the organization of interphase chromatin and/or in transcriptional regulation.

A. Bird