, Volume 6, Issue 4, pp 255-256

Localization of two mouse genes encoding the protein tyrosine kinase receptor-related protein RYK

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We have mapped the gene encoding the murine RYK growth factor receptor protein tyrosine kinase by genetic linkage analysis with recombinant inbred strains of mouse. Two distinct Ryk loci (Ryk-1 and Ryk-2) were identified. Ryk-1 mapped to Chromosome (Chr) 9, whereas Ryk-2 mapped to Chr 12. A similar arrangement of RYK-related loci was previously determined in the human. Synteny has already been established between murine Chr 9 in the region of Ryk-1, and human chromosome 3q11–12, the location of the human RYK-1 gene. However, the Ryk-2/RYK-2 loci on murine Chr 12 and human chr 17p13.3 define a new region of synteny.