, Volume 1, Issue 1, pp 3-44

Syntax and semantics of questions

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The research for this paper was supported by a workshop on alternative theories on semantics and syntax conducted by the Mathematical Social Science Board at UC Berkeley in the Summer of 1975. I am especially indebted to David Lewis and Stanley Peters, who took part in the workshop, for their encouragement and helpful criticism in the early stages of this investigation. I have also benefited by discussing these matters with C. A. Anderson, C. L. Baker, R. Cooper, J. Hintikka, D. Kaplan, F. Karttunen, and E. Keenan. Preliminary versions of this paper have been presented at the 1975 Winter LSA Meeting and at the Third International Conference of Nordic and General Linguistics in the Spring of 1976. I am especially grateful to Stanley Peters for his comments which resulted in many improvements in both the style and the content of the presentation.