, Volume 59, Issue 5, pp 449-454

Quantification of soluble HLA class I gene products by an enzyme linked immunosorbent assay

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A simplified enzyme linked immunosorbent assay utilizing an HLA class I frameworkspecific monoclonal antibody and a polyclonal enzyme linked beta-2 microglobulin specific antiserum has been established for the quantitative measurement of soluble HLA class I molecules. A total of 219 unrelated healthy individuals and 137 members of 28 families typed for HLA were analyzed for their non-membrane bound, i.e. soluble HLA-A,B,C antigens (sHLA-A,B,C). As reported by others, we observed associations of higher or lower sHLA-A,B,C values to particular HLA antigens: High plasma values were observed in probands positive for HLA-A23, A24, A29, Aw33, Bw65, and Cw8 and low values in HLA-B27 and B37 positive individuals. However, as shown by family studies, levels of sHLA-A,B,C were apparently not controlled by the MHC haplotypes alone, since no significant difference between HLA identical siblings and two haplotype different individuals could be detected. Thus, additional non-MHC linked gene(s) may be involved in the release of class I gene products.

Supported in part by a research grant from the Fresenius AG, Oberursel, Federal Republic of Germany