, Volume 5, Issue 4, pp 303-306

Studies on the transport of sugars in the holothurian Holothuria scabra

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Experiments using 14C sugars were carried out on the holothurian Holothuria scabra Jäger, in order to assess the role of its perivisceral fluid in the translocation and transportation of dissolved organic materials. The results obtained indicate that the perivisceral fluid plays a significant part. Rates of 14C glucose, fructose and sucrose uptake were followed in major tissues such as the alimentary canal, haemal system, respiratory tree and body wall. The monosaccharides are absorbed more intensively by digestive and haemal systems, the disaccharide by respiratory tree and body wall. It is, therefore, presumed that tissues in H. scabra selectively absorb sugars depending on their metabolic activity.