, Volume 101, Issue 5, pp 271–278

Y enriched and Y specific DNA sequences from the genome of the mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitis capitata

  • Joan E. Anleitner
  • David S. Haymer
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DOI: 10.1007/BF00346005

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Anleitner, J.E. & Haymer, D.S. Chromosoma (1992) 101: 271. doi:10.1007/BF00346005


DNA sequences that are enriched or specific to the genome of the male medfly, Ceratitis capitata, have been isolated using a differential hybridization approach. Twelve phage clones from a genomic library have been identified that consistently display more intense hybridization with a genomic DNA probe from males as opposed to one from females. Southern DNA blot analysis reveals that these recombinant clones contain at least one EcoRI fragment that is either specific to the male genome, or more highly represented in it, as compared with the female genome. These EcoRI fragments, when used as probes, all generate a similar pattern of intense multiple bands in genomic DNA of males. This suggests the presence of repetitive sequences that are at least partially homologous in these regions of the genome that are specific to or enriched in males. In situ hybridization to mitotic chromosomes confirms a Y chromosomal origin for the male specific repetitive sequences. Data on the genomic organization, representation and evolutionary conservation of these sequences that are specific to or enriched in males are presented. Studies of the genomic organization and representation of flanking sequences that are not male specific are presented as well.

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  • Joan E. Anleitner
    • 1
  • David S. Haymer
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Genetics and Molecular BiologyUniversity of Hawaii-ManoaHonoluluUSA

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