, Volume 104, Issue 4, pp 496-500

Egg-hatch phenology and intraguild predation between two mantid species

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Relative timing of egg hatch between two cooccurring, congeneric mantids, Tenodera angustipennis and T. sinensis, was experimentally manipulated in replicated field enclosures to test the importance of intraguild predation to survivorship and development of T. angustipennis. T. angustipennis is normally smaller than its congener because of later egg-hatch. Delaying introduction of T. sinensis relative to normal egg hatch phenology reduced mortality for T. angustipennis, but did not affect its rate of development. The results indicate that intraguild predation by normally earlierhatching T. sinensis can be an important factor in the early life history of T. angustipennis, but that interspecific competition is not a strong selective factor in developmental asynchrony between these two species.