, Volume 16, Issue 5-6, pp 323-330

Two new loci that give rise to dominant omnipotent suppressors in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Ten dominant omnipotent suppressors of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, which were previously shown to be different from SUP46, have been examined. Nine are mapped in a region between lys5 and cyh2 on the left arm of chromosome VII. These suppressors, like SUP46, manifest sensitivity to increased temperature and the antibiotics paromomycin and hygromycin B. In addition, they have an identical action spectrum. These results strongly suggest that they are allelic to each other and they are designated SUP138. The tenth is mapped to a position between his1 and arg6 on the right arm of chromosome V. This suppressor, named SUP139, does not manifest temperature sensitivity nor antibiotic sensitivity. SUP139 and SUP138, which are clearly distinguished by means of action spectrum, act on much fewer nonsense mutations than SUP46. It is now clear that dominant omnipotent suppressors arising at a single locus are homogeneous and that their efficiency is locus-dependent. The order of efficiency is SUP46>SUP138>SUP139.