, Volume 17, Issue 5, pp 375-402

The complete DNA sequence of the mitochondrial genome of Podospora anserina

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The complete 94,192 bp sequence of the mitochondrial genome from race s of Podospora anserina is presented (1 kb=103 base pairs). Three regions unique to race A are also presented bringing the size of this genome to 100,314 bp. Race s contains 31 group I introns (33 in race A) and 2 group II introns (3 in race A). Analysis shows that the group I introns can be categorized according to families both with regard to secondary structure and their open reading frames. All identified genes are transcribed from the same strand. Except for the lack of ATPase 9, the Podospora genome contains the same genes as its fungal counterprts, N. crassa and A. nidulans. About 20% of the genome has not yet been identified. DNA sequence studies of several excision-amplification plasmids demonstrate a common feature to be the presence of short repeated sequences at both termini with a prevalence of GGCGCAAGCTC.