, Volume 185, Issue 1, pp 142-147

Genetic mapping of a mutation in Escherichia coli leading to a temperature-sensitive RNase D

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In order to determine the metabolic role of RNase D in Escherichia coli, we have attempted to isolate strains deficient in this enzyme. One strain containing a temperature-sensitive RNase D was found among a heavily mutagenized stock of strains temperature-sensitive for growth. Genetic mapping of the mutation responsible for the altered RNase D enabled us to define the rnd locus, at 39.5–40.0 min on the E. coli map, which apparently specifies the RNase D structural gene. Using a Tn10 insertion near the rnd locus, we constructed isogenic strains containing RNase D and RNase II mutations, alone or in combination. Although the original mutant isolate displayed temperature-sensitive growth, no growth phenotype was associated with the rnd mutation in wild type background, possibly because a substantial amount of RNase D remained in cells grown at 45° C. However, elucidation of the map position of the rnd locus should prove useful for the isolation of other mutant strains with lower levels of RNase D.

This is paper 34 in the series “Reactions at the 3′ Terminus of tRNA”. The previous paper in this series is Cudny et al. (1981 c)
Communicated by A. Böck