Laser Diagnostics In Combustion

Applied Physics B

, Volume 51, Issue 1, pp 63-66

First online:

CARS measurements of temperature and species concentrations in an IC engine

  • M. J. CottereauAffiliated withURA CNRS 230/Coria-Universite de Rouen
  • , F. GrischAffiliated withURA CNRS 230/Coria-Universite de Rouen
  • , J. J. MarieAffiliated withURA CNRS 230/Coria-Universite de Rouen

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Temperature measurements alone, and also simultaneous CO2 concentration and temperature measurements, have been performed inside a fired IC engine. To tackle the two main problems encounted when making measurements in an engine (i.e., cycle-to-cycle variations and beam steering by density gradients), the shot-by-shot referencing technique and the in situ referencing technique using N2 to determine [CO2] were used. The temperature is deduced from the broadband N2 CARS signal and narrow band detection is used for CO2. A representative example of temperature measurements is given which shows a correlation between temperature and knocking intensity in the burnt gas of a knocking engine. The first simultaneous determinations of temperature and [CO2] are also reported; so far these are reliable only during the compression stoke.


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