, Volume 85, Issue 5, pp 673-686

Chiasma frequency effects of structural chromosome change

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Three structural chromosome changes in the plant Hypochoeris radicata 2n = 8 have been tested for their effects on chiasma formation: (1) centric fission of chromosome 1, (2) a whole arm exchange between chromosomes 1 and 3, and (3) an interchange between the long arm of chromosome 1 and the short arm of 2 which gives an effectively three-armed pachytene multiple. Mean chiasma frequencies were compared between full-sibs in families segregating for the rearrangements. In each family the chiasma frequency was higher in heterozygotes than basic homozygotes. The size of the chiasma increase is dependant on the number of additional potentially-paired segments in the complement at pachytene. Fission heterozygotes and 1/2 interchange heterozygotes, with one extra pairing region, both form about 0.45 more chiasmata per PMC than full-sib basic homozygotes. The 1/3 exchange, with two additional pairing regions, increases chiasma frequency by twice this, about 0.85 per PMC. Individuals homozygous for the centric fission maintain the raised chiasma level. The chiasma increase appears limited to the chromosome(s) affected by structural change with no detectable interchromosomal effect.