, Volume 192, Issue 1-2, pp 247-252

The synthesis of yeast pyruvate decarboxylase is regulated by large variations in the messenger RNA level

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The yeast PDC1 gene coding for the fermentative enzyme pyruvate decarboxylase was isolated. This DNA sequence was used to identify the corresponding messenger RNA by hybridization. It could be shown that the synthesis of pyruvate decarboxylase is efficiently regulated by variations in the amount of PDC1 mRNA. Very low levels of PDC1 mRNA were found in cells growing in a medium containing ethanol. Glucose addition to these cells leads to a rapid accumulation of PDC1 mRNA. The PDC1 mRNA levels found in different mutants and in cells growing in media containing carbon sources other than glucose or ethanol suggest that the amount of PDC1 mRNA in yeast cells is affected by a number of different factors.

Communicated by H. Böhme